Grant Wolf Recovery

Timeshare Resorts are losing control of their inventory. We can help.

Delinquencies, Defaults, Uncollectables.... All contribute to the costs for Foreclosure to climb. Now add to the equation Unburdeners, Trade-In companies, Asset-less Entities, Asset-less Individuals and many resorts are struggling with the spiraling costs of controlling their timeshare inventory. Grant Wolf can help.

Grant Wolf is not a collection company but an Inventory Recovery specialist. Within your resort's Owner Roster, we only work defaulted Owner accounts that have completed your normal collection routine (typically classified as "Uncollectable" or "Pending Foreclosure"). When your only remaining option is to initiate foreclosure proceedings, we will make one final effort on your behalf to compel the return of deeds to your association.

At no charge to the Association (except for your actual costs to process each deed in lieu), Grant Wolf will develop and implement a customized Inventory Recovery effort where we assume the financial risk and the Association only has upside. At a stage of inventory control, where Associations typically have little budget for staff or expenses, Grant Wolf provides solutions.

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