Timeshare Transfer Registry

Is your HOA being damaged by
Fraudulent Timeshare Transfers?

The Timeshare Transfer Registry (TTR) was developed to provide Associations with a one-stop website for their research and investigative needs to help protect against fraudulent transfers.

In addition to having direct access to TTR's contemporary Registry database, Subscribers also benefit from TTR's helpful resource center offering guidelines for Best Estoppel Practices and Procedures and numerous model documents and communications.

Users can also access other valuable Association services including customized search requests, owner contact reports through skip tracing, bankruptcy and advanced business searches.

  • Are dubious escrow companies requesting estoppels without revealing the identity of the intended transferee?

  • Is your Association losing intervals to asset-less entities and asset-less individuals that have no intention of ever paying their dues?

  • Is your Association unsure how to combat these serious problems?

The Timeshare Transfer Registry can help.


With the Registry, you can:

  • Implement a sound and comprehensive estoppel and transfer policy that protects your Association.

  • Verify the status of New Owner Transferees with direct access to a dynamic central information base with more than 1,000 original entries (and growing) on suspect entities and individuals.

  • Take advantage of TTR's advanced reporting and classifying features.

  • Identify suspect Transferees BEFORE they take ownership of your resort's intervals.

  • Access our extensive library of transfer policy language, model letters and documents.

  • Reduce expensive collection, default and foreclosure costs.
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