Allow the experts from Grant Wolf to assist with your Special Project needs.

In addition to the everyday operational challenges Timeshare Associations and their management teams must face, there are also complex, Special Projects, “one-offs” if you will, that must be addressed as well. Grant Wolf’s team of long-time industry experts is uniquely qualified to support your Association and its management with implementing and bringing these Special Projects to conclusion.

Special Projects

Grant Wolf defines Special Projects as complex undertakings that don’t typically take place on a routine basis.

Ask yourself, when was the last time your association completed a comprehensive Roster Reconciliation? Are your 30-year old Governing Documents painfully in need of being updated? How do you fund expensive, unforeseen Capital Reserve projects without draining your reserve accounts? How do you protect your resort from the ongoing attacks of scam companies targeting to exit your owners from their timeshare? Need to complete a special vote of your association requiring a 50+% vote (and only 15% of your Owners vote in a typical election)?

These are all “complex undertakings” that Grant Wolf has extensive experience with and can support your Association with bringing to a desired result.

  • Comprehensive Roster Reconciliations

  • Timeshare Transfer Registry – Stop Scam companies in their tracks

  • Special Ballot/Election Campaigns

  • Modernization of Association Governing Documents

  • Additional Contribution to Reserves (ACR)